Virtual History Lessons to Keep Our Democracy Strong

To create a more informed, compassionate citizenship assuring our democratic future means providing access to a comprehensive U.S. history and civic education engaging the public across demographics, regions, and political views. “History Not Told" bypasses the current restrictions, fractions, and divisiveness regarding the teaching of history and civics. A public Facebook page entitled “History Not Told with Carolyn Edwards, PhD” was launched in January of 2022 with a monthly readership of over 200,000 people. Daily vetted and curated third party history pieces primarily focus on African Americans, Indigenous people, women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, and lesser-known U.S. historical events and people. FB analytics reflect readers and followers across ages, education level, geographic regions, and political views. This website is designed to reach a broader audience and includes vetted and curated material from across the Internet. History Not Told is designed to be “apolitical” with the understanding that all history can be viewed as political.

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